Where our products are beaver-built, beaver-tested, and beaver-approved (a complete lie but it sounds cool). Our goal is to allow beavers with disabilities and health challenges to get engaged and in touch with their inner beave (honestly, we don’t even know what that means).


Mr. Will Dammit, our founding beaver, and get his ORIGINAL Beaver hat today!

Mr. Will Dammit

Ready to embrace the wild?

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From cozy hoodies to stylish hats, your beave adventure awaits.

Beaver Shirts

Find your inner beave in the best dam tees. Explore various hues to rock BeaverSzn vibes all the time.

Beaver Hats

Want to look Dam good? Elevate your style game with BeaverSzn's Daughtry Hat and more!  Our hats reflect your inner beave spirit.

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Don't complain about being dam cold. Our beave hoodies — a blend of retro charm and modern flair — keep you warm and in full BeaverSzn style all year round.

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Make your dam mark with a BeaverSzn Sticker or 10. These adhesive gems add wild nostalgia to your gear and are great to leave behind for others to enjoy the beave lifestyle.



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